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Characters in ReGenesis are shapers, people whose strength and determination bend the very fabric of existence. They have come into a protean new reality, the Outworld, to forge a utopia for themselves - or create a dystopia trying.

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Shapers come from different cultures in their Homeworld, and are considered to be amongst their nations' greatest champions. You may choose for your character to come from any of the four Homeworld cultures, or from the Penitent Order that spans them.

The People's Combine

"Be free, or be freed!"


The many heroes of the People's Combine live a life of honest work, close fraternity, and great adventure. Generations ago, they were sent into exile in a remote industrial gulag for their disruptive beliefs. Now, they have returned - and on the wings of their armoured dirigibles they bring liberation by word, deed, and incalculable firepower.

The People's Combine has no hierarchy, and operates a reputation economy: each person freely volunteers their aid to those they feel need or deserve it most. Of course, this means that those who catch the eye of their Rhetonomic Engineers, and enjoy public exaltation, get the very best support. Hard work and a populist sense of style go hand-in-hand for the brave men and women of the Combine.

The People's Combine

The Valtarian Kingdoms

"Majesty without bounds."


Once upon a time, in the wild and untamed ruins of the old Valtarian Empire, a great beast ravaged the fields. The realm's queen, without heir, promised her lands to whoever could save her people. A plucky band of adventurers answered the call, and won the kingdom.

But they would not rest; instead, they called all wandering heroes to their banner. United, they set forth on a grand crusade to cleanse the lands of foul creatures and wicked magic. They grew rich on treasure from sacked dungeons, and won the hand of many a prince or princess from grateful but impoverished kingdoms. Before long, all of old Valtaria was theirs to rule.

Now there are no monsters left unslain, no fortresses unbreached. But good cannot exist without evil to sharpen its blade upon. The valiant Monarchs of the Valtarian Kingdoms are forced to adopt villainous mantles in a charade for their peers. They manufacture trial and torment for their offspring in the hope that they, too, will gain the shaper's gift - and, by it, their divine right to rule. The Monarchs play at love and politics and war, treasuries growing ever more thin, as they await the blissful release of their next crusade.

The Valtarian Kingdoms

The Visions of Opportunity

"Putting a price on the priceless."


From its squalid roots as a haven for pirates and smugglers, the spires of Opportunity have risen to become the foremost trading capital of the Homeworld. Its success has been driven by the Visions: old criminal gangs given a stout lacquer of image, ethos and respectability.

Ruin has come to Opportunity. Most of their trading partners have been 'liberated' by the People's Combine, and their production centres have been torn down by the Walkers. To make things worse, the Valtarian Kingdoms have exiled them for engineering (and profiteering from) multiple civil wars. Their economy is now in freefall, and nobody wants to find themselves at the bottom of the pile. Opportunity is dominated by the 'big three' Visions: Protean Dynamics, the Margin Drivers, and Joy Effect. If they wish to, you can also design your own Vision; once approved, this will be added to the setting.


The Walkers

"Live better. Die harder."


To the south lies the Verdant Waste, a vast spread of savannas and rainforests tangled around the overgrown husks of the Tomb Cities. Though teeming with life, they are treacherous in the extreme - they are where the Walkers call home.

Once the inhabitants of the world's industrial capitals, the Walkers led a popular revolt against the seductive tyranny of law, wealth, and morality. They tore down their structures with savage devices, and unleashed engineered life to reclaim them. Now they walk free, held down by nothing more than what they can carry on their backs and remember through their tales. And with them the Waste follows, a weapon as potent as any they have reclaimed from the ruins.

The inhabitants of other nations, the Still, may call them mad, degenerate, or worse. Certainly, contact seldom ends well for them. But the Walkers know better. They live life as it was meant to be lived - rich with passion, creativity, and the sheer bloody joy of conflict.


The Penitent Order

"A better future, for those who remain."


Chosen by the Sublime Concord as the most far-sighted of their kind, the initiates of the Order worked together to create the Oracle: a masterpiece of arcane engineering that would guide them toward utopia. Following its direction as advisors, aides and assassins, they fostered their cultures in their ascent to their present grandeur.

When they realised that they had begun working against one another, it was clear that something was wrong. The Oracle had told each of them only what they wanted to believe, and the world was falling into tatters as a result. And when they discovered that the Sublime Concord were abandoning their charges to flee into a world of their own design, some of them refused to accept damnation - they sabotaged their masters' ritual.

The Order disbanded, with accusations of moral bankruptcy, cowardice and hypocrisy flying in every direction. But as the nations prepare to step into the Outworld, they have begun to return. They have no masters to guide them now, nor Oracle in which to place their faith. Reforged as the Penitents, and draped in the colours of mourning, they are here to atone for their hubris in the only way they can - by making things right, this time.