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Homeworld Locales


Combine Inner Assembly


At the heart of the People’s Combine is the Inner Assembly, unrecognisable from the gulags that stood in its place four generations ago. Its towering Arsenals are home to a million patriots apiece, each structure perfectly optimised to maximise its contribution of skilled soldiers, gunships, and materiel to Operation Infinite Dawn.

Life in the Inner Assembly is harmonious and bright, with the workers of the Combine circulating between instructories, forges, logistics centres, medical workshops, laboratories, and mess halls as talent, need, and inclination direct them. Grand portraiture of the People's heroes smile confidently down upon them, and One World Radio keeps perfect time. It is a model for how everyone should have the right to live.

But even the Inner Assembly has not escaped the influence of chaos abroad. Logistical failures and difficulty reaching Consensus suggests the Industrioclasts are trying to bring down the Combine from within its innermost sanctum.

The Inner Assembly is most likely to feature stories from the People's Combine, the Penitents seeking to direct them, and ambassadors from other cultures.

Firebreak Ground Zero


In the southern reaches of the Combine’s advance, vast hegemonicons stand amongst ancient farmsteads and newly constructed foundries. These recently liberated territories are used to funnel food, munitions, and personnel into the rest of the Combine war effort.

Attempts to push further south have been confounded by the Walkers, who guard the Verdant Waste with savage cunning. Their agents have snuck into Combine territory, fomented Industrioclast uprisings, and in sometimes cases infiltrated the Corps directly – no amount of firepower can conquer an enemy you cannot locate.

Or so you’d have thought. In the last year, the People’s Combine launched Operation Firebreak, deploying the Production Corps’ latest array of experimental weaponry across the Verdant Waste. Now, an impassable scar of scorched earth and noxious chemistry stretches fifty miles deep along the continent.

The Walkers are not amused.

Firebreak Ground Zero is likely to feature stories from the People’s Combine, and the Walkers.

The Grand High Imperatrix’s Court


In the heartlands of Valtaria, one citadel reaches higher than all others. A thousand roads and riverways find their way to its base, and its eyries are home to flocks of giant eagles and savage drakes. It is here that the Grand High Imperatrix holds their Court.

In its innumerable banqueting halls, ballrooms, and balconies, Monarchs-Victor play the games of romance, intrigue and prestige. Monarchs-Errant make their debut there, vying for patronage and renown. Under diplomatic precepts, even Monarchs-In-Shadow may show their benighted faces and attend the Court as equals. It is a bejeweled whirlwind of splendor, vanity, and passion, and what is whispered there can have profound effects across the entire Homeworld.

The Grand High Imperatrix’s Court is likely to feature stories from the Monarchs of Valtaria, the Penitents that guide Monarch politics, and emissaries from other cultures.

The Inner Sea


Circling the isles of Opportunity and conjoining the other three nations, the Inner Sea was once a place of quiet trade - gravboats and sailing craft making their slow processions across the great blue expanse.

Now it is a place of piracy, smuggling, and perilous adventure. The People's Combine have seized shipping in their relentless advance, Valtaria has blockaded its ports, and the Walkers send raiders with strange beasts to predate on what remains - seemingly just for fun.

In response, Opportunity have refitted their remaining merchant fleets for battle. Supporting the Restitution Projects is no easy task, and the flow of contraband into the other nations is one of Opportunity's few remaining sources of income. If they are to succeed, they have a battle on their hands.

Stories from the Inner Sea are likely to feature characters from all four cultures, potentially in multidirectional mêlées. Boom!

Kingdoms of Valtaria


Spanning the eastern length of the Homeworld, the kingdoms of Valtaria stretch all the way from the broken peaks of the north down to the florid inlets of the south. Amid great cliffs, ancient forests and majestic fjords, the common folk of Valtaria till the fertile ground in their scattered farmsteads and humble villages. Looking down upon them are the grand citadels and imposing fortresses of the Monarchs, through which all power flows.

As much as its peasantry may strive for a simple life, Valtaria is no quiet backwater. Insults and quarrels levied between the Monarchs quickly spill over into war between kingdoms - each party determined to show their words are backed up by real conviction. The Walkers raid the south for sport, baiting the Monarchs into ill-fated crusades. Opportunity’s agents stoke tensions, arm conflicts, and use destabilised regions as a conduit to sell their contraband wares. And always, the Monarchs-In-Shadow dutifully provide fresh beasts, plagues, and schemes against which the righteous can sharpen their blades. Valtaria is the birthing place of legends, and life there is never dull for long.

Stories from the Kingdoms of Valtaria are likely to feature characters from Valtaria, the Walkers, and Opportunity.

Opportunity Metropolis


Rising out of the Inner Sea in a clot of light and steel, the metropolis of Opportunity is the nexus of trade throughout the Homeworld. Built on a volcanic island chain, its spires claw at the smog-choked skies and its warrens plunge deep into the hot bedrock beneath. Over twenty million souls live, work, scheme, and strive in the span of little more than a dozen square miles.

Most live in the towering slums controlled by Margin Drivers, competing over the breadline of contracts that trickle down from their Exchanges, and working for the best ‘protection plans’ they can afford. Plentiful distraction from desperation is on hand, however, in the flood of programming and designer chemicals that pour from the lurid world of Joy Effect’s ateliers.

The upheavals elsewhere in the Homeworld have caused Opportunity’s fever-pitch economy to convulse, and the flow of trade is coming to a juddering halt. Through the eyes of every informant and surveillance drone, Protean Dynamics observes it all: while their invisible hand has kept a tenuous grip thus far, the riots grow larger every day.

The Opportunity Metropolis is likely to feature stories from Protean Dynamics, Joy Effect, and the Margin Drivers; the Penitents who are trying to maintain a tenuous grip on the city; and emissaries from other cultures.

Ruins of the Concord


Once, the high peaks of the north were home to the ascetic civilisation of the Sublime Concord. Carved from and through the towering stone, their monasteries and concordats thrummed with quiet study and sonorous chanting.

At the highest point, far above the clouds, the Summit served as a place where their Order’s initiates could be educated and trained to perform their work. Here, also, the Concord prepared for their grand exodus from the Homeworld.

But the Concord were betrayed, by their own Order, and no trace of the Summit remains. The mountain where it stood has been torn to fragments, which drift through the air on broken vectors of descent. In its place, amidst a great crevasse, stands the Breach: the still-standing portal to the Outworld.

All shapers that wish to make the journey to the Outworld must first make a pilgrimage through the ruins, navigating the shattered remnants of the Concord’s holdfasts and contesting with geography and causality that is prone to sudden and terrible squalls.

The Ruins of the Concord is likely to feature stories from the Penitent Order, as well as those tales of pilgrimages from shapers of other lands.

The Shattered Front


Above the mountains and spires of western Valtaria, armed dirigibles do battle with great serpents. The guns and aerial forces of the Combine engage with Valtarian drakeriders and sorcery: an unstoppable force, meeting an immovable object. The result is… uncertain.

The region has been heavily affected by the devastation wrought on the Sublime Concord, a few days’ travel north. Dissonance has fractured the flow of events: both the People’s Combine and the Valtarians report overwhelming successes, and both of them are correct.

The lands are fragmenting into ever more disparate continuities, and citadels will appear in different hands depending on time, direction, or the convictions of the observer. The memories and identities of its inhabitants are coming apart. While a resounding public success for both sides, the Shattered Front is the clearest sign of decay in the fragile fabric of the Homeworld.

The Shattered Front is likely to feature stories from the People’s Combine and Valtarian Kingdoms, although no two tales are likely to agree. The Penitents are also present, trying desperately to patch together the disparate histories and restore some semblance of stability to the region.

The Tomb Cities


Clinging tenuously to place above the riotous greenery of the Verdant Waste, the Tomb Cities stand as broken monuments to the Walker’s past. Once, these were the world’s greatest industrial centres – now, moss and wildflower are pulling even the grandest structures back to earth.

The Tomb Cities serve as a hub, of sorts, for the Walkers. Disparate tribes wind their trails to come together there, to share and celebrate and compete. The hollows of buildings are daubed with luminous pigments, home to parties and contests and whatever artistic imaginings their inhabitants can bring to bear. As people meet, bond, and reflect, each of these tribes leaves with a new membership and destination.

They are no safe haven, however, Opportunity knows that most of the Walkers’ discarded wealth still resides in the Tomb Cities, and their Resitution Projects launch lightning-fast expeditions to ‘recover’ goods and people alike. The Walkers do their best to avoid or ensnare them, but their victories are by no means absolute.

The Tomb Cities are likely to feature stories from the Walkers, the Penitents nestled amongst them, and from Opportunity’s Restitution teams.

The Verdant Waste


Quarries turned to waterfalls, stripmines turned to savannahs, silos turned to rainforests: the Verdant Waste is testament to the determination and talent of the Walkers who made it. Their biomantically engineered flora have made an eden of a wasteland, and their fauna helps keep the Still at bay. Coaxed and sculpted by the sages, all life in the Verdant Waste serves the Walkers’ wishes.

And yet they are not alone. Opportunity’s Restitution Projects have made footfall here, at tremendous cost. Their outposts are used as a platform for raids into the Tomb Cities, untl the Walkers find a way to tear them down. Now and then, a Valtarian crusade arrives, here to cleanse the Walker scourge. Blood is shed, territory is ‘reclaimed’, and the sweating knights return to their distant castles – ready for the next time.

The Verdant Wasters are likely to feature stories from the Walkers, Opportunity’s Restitution teams, and Valtaria.

Adding to the Homeworld

We would like to create the recent history of the Homeworld in concert with our players. You can write short fiction featuring your character, set in any of these regions. Please send this to regenesis.larp@gmail.com - it will be reviewed, then added to this page. Guidelines for Homeworld fiction are as follows:

  • You should include a title for your fiction, and state which locale it is set in.
  • It should feature your character, which must have been submitted and added to the wiki.
  • It should also feature at least one other created character. We strongly recommend you collaborate with them, or at least get their player’s permission to post it; a player may request the takedown of any fiction in which their character appears.
  • You are encouraged to invent people, places, and events as part of your fiction.
  • You may contradict other fiction (especially in places like the Shattered Front). This is a reflection of reality-shearing Dissonance, and readers may choose which version of events their character perceives to have occurred. If you want your fiction to be universally agreed as ‘canon’, however, you should avoid this.
  • Submitted fiction should not contain sexual content.

If your fiction clashes with any firm aspect of the setting, we will decline it and let you know why – this is a good way of double-checking your understanding! Otherwise, we will include all fiction on the wiki, and as part of the world.