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In Brief

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See Character Creation Steps for guidance, if you need it!

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A member of crew will be in touch shortly to confirm your character has been accepted and added to the wiki.

Character Creation Steps

Choose your Origin

Choose where your character originates from in the Homeworld. There are five different Origins to choose from, each with a distinct culture and look. Your choice of Origin will determine which Motives are easier for you to pick, and will provide you with a group of potential allies and rivals.

Example: Tom reads around the different Origin pages and decides he wants to play a Walker.

Answer your Origin-Specific Questions

You will have a couple of multiple-choice questions to answer about your character, based on your choice of Origin. These are essential pieces of information that you, and other characters, will need to know.

Example: As a Walker, Tom needs to answer "What is your Path?" and "What is your Vocation?". Tom sees his character as adaptive but driven to look after his peers. He picks "Multiple paths", because it's closest to his idea of blending Blue and Green paths, and "Warden".

Name your Character

Your character will need a name. Each of the Origins has their own naming convention, which can be found on their page.

Example: Tom reads the character naming advice - and comes up with the idea that he used to be a Red-path warden instead. He picks a Red-path name to match, 'Hand'.

Write your Character Profile

Write a brief piece (max 200 words) that sums up the public profile of your character and their prior exploits. We recommend you do so as an IC document – a propaganda piece by the Combine, a chronicler’s work in Valtaria, an interest piece by an Opportunity exposeur or a Walker skald’s tale will provide some extra flavour. This profile will be made visible to other players, so that they can recognise you as the world-renowned demigod you are.

Choose Motives

Your Motive(s) determine which items you can create with Shaping, and which Tethers you can create. You may choose two of the Motives favoured by your Origin, or one of the Motives that is not.

Favoured Motives

  • People's Combine: Challenge, Loyalty, Supremacy
  • Valtarian Kingdoms: Challenge, Devotion, Supremacy
  • Opportunity: Gratification, Influence, Knowledge
  • Walkers: Challenge, Gratification, Loyalty
  • Penitent Order: Devotion, Influence, Knowledge

Example: As a Walker, Hand's favoured Motives are Challenge, Gratification and Loyalty. As a gleeful protector of the Verdant Wasters, a combination of Challenge and Loyalty fits him well. If Tom did not want to pick any of those favoured Motives, he would be able to pick only one of the other Motives - Devotion, Influence, Knowledge or Supremacy.

Choose an Affinity

Your Affinity allows you to make the best use of a set of items, and provides you with a specialist role in combat.


  • Bastion: Whenever you can ignore the special effect of a call, you can also ignore the Morale loss.
  • Edge: Special attacks with melee weapons cost one Morale less.
  • Keystones: Restorative abilities cost one Morale less.
  • Tempest: Special attacks with ranged weapons cost one Morale less.

Example: Tom thinks about playing an Edge, but would rather serve as a lynchpin of his team - he likes the one-man-army feel of Bastions, so opts for that instead.

Describe your Territory

Your Territory is a stable area of land in the Outworld, which is created as a reflection of your character’s nature. You will be able to build on your Territory, and siphon mana from it for use in the game. Give your territory a name, and write it a description, no longer than 100 words: this will appear on your Territory’s placard on the Geomancy tables.

Example: Tom calls his Territory "The Cave Of Stars". He describes it as "A honeycomb labyrinth of tunnels. Pulsing roots frame every corridor and tubers shed a gentle light throughout the domain. The inner sanctum is a vaulted chamber, constellations of the World Before twinkling above. The floor is unnaturally smooth, and a littered with keepsakes of the Homeworld." .

Choose and Describe your Starting Quality

Qualities are features of the Outworld, and your Territory starts with one. This Quality is permanent – it cannot be removed – and will determine the type of bonus mana you receive at the beginning of each event.

Starting Qualities

  • Wonder: You start with 12 bonus green mana at the beginning of each event. Your Wonder will continue to produce green mana during the event.
  • Creation: You start with 12 bonus blue mana at the beginning of each event. Your Creation will continue to produce blue mana during the event.
  • Force: You start with 12 bonus red mana at the beginning of each event. Your Force will continue to produce red mana during the event.
  • Palace: You start with 3 each of blue, green and red mana, and 3 Majesty, at the beginning of each event. Your Palace will continue to produce Majesty during the event.

Write a description of your Quality, no longer than 20 words: this will appear on your Quality’s card on the Geomancy tables.

Example: Tom chooses a Wonder, which he describes as "Pearlescent salamander-creatures winding their way through clear rockpools, nesting amid mana-infused kelp, and growing vibrant with its power.

Optional Steps

Send a Character Background for Sense Checking

If you like, you can submit an OC character background (max 500 words, and we prefer bullet points) for review by the team. Feel free to invent places, events, and people that help flesh out you character’s backstory. This is for reference only; we will check over and make sure you have not violated causality or metaphysics in any particularly egregious way, but will otherwise leave you to bring it to life.

Submit a Vision Brief for Approval

It is possible to play a character from Opportunity who is not a part of the Big Three (Protean Dynamics, Margin Drivers, and Joy Effect). If you have chosen this option, you should submit a brief for your new Vision, which should be just as detailed as those that currently appear on the wiki. If approved, this will be added to the wiki, and any other player can also choose to be from that Vision. If you opt for this, we recommend:

  • That your Vision is significantly different in style and philosophy to the existing Visions.
  • That your Vision is not nice. Nobody from Opportunity is nice.
  • That you bring other players to join you; a sole operator from Opportunity will have great difficulty making friends.

Event Booking

Upcoming events (including Special Events) are detailed on our Facebook page, 'ReGenesis LARP'. If you have any questions regarding the event, please email

Booking Process

Late bookings are open until 1 October, and are being awarded on a first-come first-served basis.

Origin Limits

If more than 30 people join for a single Origin, further bookings for that Origin will be declined.


There are spaces for 30 crew at the fourth event, based on our requirements for different roles. We will try to balance our schedule so that each crew member can play as many of their favoured roles as possible. If you are interested in crewing, please get in touch! We receive a lot of applications, and cannot guarantee a spot, but all interest is welcome.